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silicone hose

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Manufacture silicone hose,turbo hose,radiator hose & silicone coupler for auto,truck & bus.
Supply silicone vacuum hose,silicone tubing,silicone pipe,rubber hose and hose clamps.

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silicone hose

Elbow Angle:
45°/90°/135 °/180°
Working Pressure: 0.6Mpa~3.0Mpa
Polyester Reinforced
Standard Colour: black
Colour Options: red,green,blue, rust orange,etc

silicone hose kits
Accept higher pressure than the original.
The temperature change will not affect the shape and the flow rate.
Not Easy to break down or harden, more durable than the original rubber hose.

Silicone Tubing Silicone Hose For Pipe Renewal
Working Pressure:
Standard Colour:
Colour Options: red,green,black, pink,yellow,,etc.

You can name the length per unit if necessary.

Rubber hose

Silicone hose for water treatment, pipelines and earthwork.The hoses we designed are used for trenchless pipe renewal and Marine construction.

Hose Clamps Silicone Hose For Bus & Truck

stainless steel
Clamp Type:
T-Bolt Clamps,
Lined Clamps,
American style clamps.

The hose clamps we sold here can match silicone hoses perfectly.And protect your soft silicone hoses more.

bus truck silicone hoses  Custom silicone hose and rubber hose for various buses and trucks.
Rubber Hoses  

Standard Colour:

We can supply various rubber hose,such as EPDM hose and Nitril hose.


Sunrise Limited manufactures various silicone hose,including silicone hose kits, for auto industrial and various radiator hose and air intake for bus,truck and racing cars.We also supply silicone hoses for bus and trucks.
We are the silicone hose manufactruer from china and has ability of supplying custom silicone hose for specifical purpose. We always welcome any comments, suggestions, or ideas for products you would like to see offered.



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