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Design silicone hose for trenchless pipe renewal and marine construction.
Custom silicone hoses for water treatment, pipelines and earthwork.

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New Design - Silicone Flat Hose
Silicone Flat Hose

The silicone flat hose are made of virgin silicone and high tensile synthetic textile/polyester. It is strong enough to resist high pressure and high temperature.We can offer big size silicone hose in 100meters long per roll.The biggest diameter is up to 28inches. The working pressure can be up to 4 bar or more if necessary.

THE flat hose is the best choice for hot water delivery for industrial and automotive applications,constructions.Also
is used for light duty delivery of light chemicals. Also excellent for use in extreme climates.

The flat hose is Guaranteed to never kink, never tangle and never tear.

THE flat hose can be cut to any length. We can supply silicone flat hoses with 100 meters in length per roll.Anyway, you can name the length for your flat hose if necessary,such as 30ft,50ft,100ft per roll.

When you use this flat hose to delivery the hot water. This flat hose is based on technology that has been used for years on Hydronic Heating in winter. The compact flat hose is made of a tough yet flexible material. With flat hose, simply turn on the water and watch it expand for a full, unobstructed flow. Traditional rubber hoses have thicker wall with less flexility and it is heavy, but the flat hose is so lightweight that you can easily move it for any job, anywhere. It's safe to drink from! And with flat hose just turn off the water and it immediately flattens to its original shape. magna hose parts

We don't list all sizes on below spread sheet. We also supply flat hoses with higher working pressure. Contact us for more information.We have ability to manufacture flat hose per your design.Or show us your requirement,we can design flat hose for you!

Silicone Flat Hose Catalogue
Outer dia.
Wall THK


Working Pressure

56mm 2 mm 2 ply 0~4.0 bar
93mm 2 mm 2 ply 0~4.0 bar
133mm 2 mm 2 ply 0~4.0 bar
175mm 2 mm 2 ply 0~4.0 bar
351mm 2 mm 2 ply 0~4.0 bar


  • Tube: Strong,flexible and smooth silicone.
  • Reinforcement: High tensile synthetic textile/polyester.
  • Application: Hot water delivery for industrial and automotive applications,constructions.
                                  For light duty delivery of light chemicals.
  • Standard color: Red iron oxide
  • Optional clours: Red,rust orange,yellow,etc
  • Maximal Working Pressure: it depends
  • Maximal Working Temperature: 180 degree C

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