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Manufacture silicone hose,turbo hose,radiator hose & silicone coupler for auto,truck & bus.
Supply silicone vacuum hose,silicone tubing,silicone pipe,rubber hose and hose clamps.

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Silicone Reducer Manufacturer From ChinaSilicone Hose Reducing (straight & 45/90/135 degree)
Email us your designs, we can make customized silicone reducer for you.

Straight Silicone Reducer

Straight Silicone Reducer

Min ID: 1.5"
Max ID: 5.0"
Elbow angle: straight
Packing: card board package

45 degree hose Reducer
45 Degree Elbow Reducer
Min ID: 2.0"
Max ID: 4.0"
Elbow angle: 45 degree
Packing: card board package
90 degree hose Reducer
90 Degree Elbow Reducer
Min ID: 2.0"
Max ID: 4.0"
Elbow angle: 90 degree
Packing: card board package

Silicone Hose Reducing applications:
Joining your intake pipe to the throttle body assembly, intercooler, air metering assembly,BOV pipe, or turbo inlet/outlet.
Custom compressor, intercooler or inlet piping for turbo/supercharged car
Custom cold air intake for nonturbo car

Replacement of all factory rubber parts
These silicone parts can be used in trucks, boats,recreational vehicles, or anything else with an engine., Fax: +86 592 515 7363