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Manufacture silicone hose,turbo hose,radiator hose & silicone coupler for auto,truck & bus.
Supply silicone vacuum hose,silicone tubing,silicone pipe,rubber hose and hose clamps.

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Silicone Vacuum Tube Silicone Straight Pipe
silicone tube
Working Pressure:
Standard Colour:
Colour Options:
red,green,blue, silver,purple,etc
Silicone Straight Pipe
Working Pressure
Fabric Reinforced:
3-ply or 4-ply
Standard Colour:
Colour Options:
red,green,blue, silver,orange,etc
The Silicone Tubing is manufactured by virgin silicone rubber, via advanced technology processing.
It has good flexibillity, high temperature resistance, and good stability.
Continuous operating temperature: -50íŠ -200íŠ

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