SUNRISE is ISO9001 certificated silicone hose manufacturer and has been a manufacturer in performance silicone products since 2006 and in carbon fiber part since 2013. We specialize in supplying various silicone hose,silicone tubing,vacuum tubing,braided silicone tubing,wire reinforced silicone hose, replacement hose kits,silicone air intake,silicone turbo hose,silicone radiator hose,rubber hose and hose clamps to automobile industry. Also supplying extruded silicone seals, such as silicone window seals,silicone door seals, etc.

The FDA silicone tubing and FDA braided silicone tubing, SUNRISE always supplied, meets requirements of FDA 21 CFR 177.2600 specification, REACH specification, RoHS specification and Food Contact Materials - Regulation (EC) 1935/2004. The silicone hoses are BPA free. The braided silicone hose meets or exceeds the requirements of ISO2398 specification. The heavy duty silicone hose meets the requirements of SAE J20 R1 Class A specification. The silicone heater hose meets the requirements of SAE J20 R3 Class A specification. The coolant hose made in silicone meets or exceeds the requirements of SAE J20 R4 Class A specification. The fire retardant silicone hose meets requirements of UL94-V0 specification. The silicone hoses used on railway application meets requirements of EN45545-2 specification.

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Whether for Sports Compact, Truck, Bus, SUV, Hot Rods, Muscle Cars, Motorbikes or Race Cars, SUNRISE can offer you high quality hoses for exceptional performance. We have various designs for your selections, and guaranteed reliability.

SUNRISE supply silicone hose for special purpose of various industrial use, Such as fuel-resistant hose,high temperature resistant hose and wire reinforced silicone hose,complex shape hose, etc. SUNRISE have ability of manufacturing complex silicone hose for challenging objectives. Custom design is always welcome!

SUNRISE also develops carbon fiber part for various industry applications. Carbon fiber is stiffer than steel and five times stronger. Carbon fiber has a higher energy-absorption rate than steel and can increase safety in a collision.

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